Riktor Van Alstyne/Dra'orvak

Spirit possesed bear Jew


Str: 19 (23), Dex: 17, Con: 24 (28), Int: 11, Wis: 14, Cha: 12

Hp: 158 (176), AC: 19 (17)

Fort: 13 (15), Ref: 6, Will: 5(7)

Speed: 55. Initiative: +3

+3 Shocking Double axe of spell storing. – Attacks: +16(18)/+11(13) – +16(18)/+11(13). -

Damage: 1d8+9(12)/ 1d8+1d6+9(12).

Abilities: Rage 3/day, Low Light Vision, Invisibility 1/day, Uncanny dodge, Trap sense +3, Two Weapon fighting, Run, Power Attack, Leadership, Exotic weapon Proficiency, Weapon focus, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Intimidating Rage, Damage reduction 2/-, Immune to Petrification, Cure Serious Wounds, Electricity/Fire/Cold Resistance (5)

Items: Boots Of Striding and springing, Magical Double axe, +1 Mithral Breastplate of speed, Evil crown of detonation, Evil rod of Detonation, Long Bow, Short Sword, 15ft. of Rope, Torch, Flint and Steel, Rations, Water, Ring of Feather Fall, +2 Large Mithral Shield, +3 Keen Longsword, Amulet of Emergency Healing, Ring of Heroic Sacrifice, Bear Helm, Amulet of Health +2

EXP: 42,844

Gold: 10,544 (not including any shared gold that we have found)


Even for being 35 he has lived quite a full and eventful life. With 6 younger and one older sibling, Riktor is the second oldest amongst his seven siblings. His mother died during child birth and his father raised the eight children while running a relatively successful Inn. As a young Boy Riktor found himself getting into a lot of unavoidable trouble.

Since a child he has been hunted by a cult which worships a foreign goddess who desires Riktor as her mate. How he ever became the object of her desires was never quite clear to him, or anyone for that matter. Shortly after his father faked Riktor’s death (in order to keep the cultists from continuing their search for him) Riktor was possessed by a demon from an alternate dimension. This came about when he drank a mysterious and greatly coveted potion which belonged to the secretive town’s alchemist. Unfortunately that bottle just so happened to contain the essence of a demon (what kids will do in a game of dare). Since then it has been a constant struggle between himself and the demon for possession of his body, they are constantly in mental conflict. As he got older things became slightly more mundane but remained just as complicated.

Riktor was fifteen the last time he saw his father. He was falsely accused of treason that summer and the penalty was to be death. Luckily he was rescued moments before his doom by a band wild and free spirited brigands who wanted to stick it to the “man” by whisking away who they also thought was a fifteen year old traitor. From that point on he was raised by the bandits on the road for quite some time. With them he learned how to defend himself, how to channel his anger (from is complicated confusing and dramatic life) at those who deserved it. He learned how to survive in the harsh environments when he was about 23 (he had stopped counting his birthdays) He left the bandit group and settled down in a small forest village. It wasn’t long until war followed his wake and he fought to protect the village from invading orcs and ogres from the North. After the war he devoted his time to protecting the villages borders and he prefers to stick to himself.

As if his life hadn’t already been interesting enough, he along with his city awoke one day to find themselves underground as pawns of one of Halster’s mad games.

Collected Trophies: Diamond from pseudo-demi-lich, Black dragon scales from a dragon, dragon bone from a brown dragon, Tooth from a Dragon Eel.

Riktor Van Alstyne/Dra'orvak

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