Chapter One: Undermountain

Halaster Blackcloak

As you might have guessed this entire campaign takes place in the depths of the Undermountain. Recently the Undermountain was expanded through the tunneling of creatures during the events of Higharvestide.

Now connected to a lost portion of the Underdark the Undermountain spans miles of underground tunnels of monsters, treasure, and traps. The intrepid adventurers have been abducted against their wills to fight an extraordinary powerful demon. They have little choice since the Undermountain has been sealed and the portals destroyed.

This is a basic dungeon crawl with heavy elements of role-playing since the Undermountain slowly drives those who dwell in it insane.

Where this campaign diverges from the ordinary Forgotten Realms world, is that in my version is actually one of the arch devils who drives the inhabitants of the Undermountain insane. Halaster was crazy because he was protecting the other inhabitants. He wouldn’t leave the Undermountain for any extended period of time, because he knew what would happen to all those creatures in his abssence. However wen he was abducted during the events of Higharvestide, the arch devil was able to get the upper hand and control the creatures to dig further.

This connected the Undermountain to the underdark through various passage ways and to another set of caves which are only called the demon caves. Finally connecting the demon caves to the rest of the undermountain finally gave the amount of control that the arch devil needed and he almost controlled Halaster. Fearing for his life, Halaster finally fled the Undermountain. It wasn’t without a plan though.

He knew that this arch devil was behind the insanity years ago. So he set about breeding the creatures that could bring him down. Our adventurers are those creatures – the Shey. Fey naturally work with charms and illusions, because of this most of them are resistant to them. It’s just in their blood. Then he found another creature called a Sharn. These are gruesome black blobish creatures with multiple head and arms that cast spells. Their main advantage is that they have this fun little ability – they are what they are – you cannot polymorph them in any way – also no one else can be them – no one can polymorph or shape change into one. He wanted to see if he could get creatures to have this same ability, but instead of being their physical form – what if it could be their personality.

So he set out to breed the creature that could truly have a mind of it’s own, and be immune to this arch devil’s mental influence.

Unfortunately in his insanity he didn’t tell our adventurers any of this all he said was:
“You’ve been kidnapped! I know, I did it. I think. It could be him though. You see I had to do it. You need to save the Undermountain. This is what you were made for. I have left you what aid I can. I wish I could help, but I would only be a hindrance. I wish I could explain, but I can’t think. I have sealed the Undermountain and destroyed the portals. You can only escape through the underdark through the demon caves. Or by tunneling, but I wouldn’t suggest that, that’s how this whole mess got started. Oh yeah and by the way, I’m your father….....”

We’ve now conluded Chapter 1. Our heroes met with the Archdevil Dispater and with the help of a few of Halaster’s Apprentices, Dworkin, a few dragons, an army of golems, and a Solar they were able to dispatch Dispater himself.

The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth

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