The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth

Dealing with Devils

While our adventurers don’t have a direct hand on these events, they play a vital part in our story of a group of young heroes from a small forest town. So I will tell them to you now.

After that last battle with the demons and dragons, the dragons informed our heroes that they would do little good against the hordes of demons that awaited them. Shortly after the cavalry arrived. Muiral, Dworkin, and Trobriand arrived with an army of golems.

First let me begin with Dworkin and his story. As the only one of his kind Dworkin has always been kind of a solitary figure. Since being freed of his charge, protecting the Iron Codex, he has wandered across the planes. He has been uniting the Archdevils. One by one getting them to agree that Dispater had overstepped his bounds. Telling them of his plan to achieve total victory in the prime material plane then to spread his influence using his power from said plane to eventually conquer all of Hell. You see the only creature that can destroy an Archdevil is another Archdevil. They are more of a force of nature then a creature. As a ruler of a hell, the slayer of them would become the new ruler of that hell. This isn’t as glamorous as it would seem. The devils that they lead are vicious creatures waiting for them to slip up for a small opening to kill their master. The lord of hell would constantly be surrounded by vile acts, hatred, death, destruction, treachery, and little else. So the only one who would volunteer to this is well a devil.

Unfortunately you can’t use a regular devil. A human would be transformed and would gain powers far above and beyond those they normally possess, but a basic farmer would be a powerful devil with all of his previous farming skills. A normal devil gains little else, and thus would be dispatched rather quickly. The only person that could take advantage of said power gain would be an adventurer who is something like a powerful warrior or mage who then gains all the abilities of a powerful devil. Well you wouldn’t have to doom an adventurer to this fate if it was instead given to an Archdevil.

So Dworkin devised this plan to split the power and the lesser devils among the six other Archdevils. Of course they tried jockying for position among themselves and wanted more or a share, but in the end, Dworkin convinced them that they could argue the finer points later, but it would be an even split for now.

Through powerful magic associated with things like Archdevils and planar magic the devil lords themselves do not have to be present when Dispater is slain, but just allowed by the slayer to take the power.

Adamantine Golem

While Dworkin was on his trek to achieve this lofty goal, Muiral and Trobriand were building the golem army. Trobriand is known as the metalmage and has made every type of golem possible and has even invented a few of his own. Muiral used his magic long ago to transform himself into the mishapen creature he is now, but his experiments are not without advantage. He knows far more of transfiguring and combining things then nearly any other mage alive. Most golems fight with a straight forward “club them” kind of style. It was Muiral who found out how to imprint fighting onto golems. How to “teach” them to use weapons. And thus this army was born.


Dworkin led the charge followed by thousands of these new golems, along with thousands of older models. It was Muirals expertise as transfiguration that won the day though. He created a spell to manipulate the target of the invitation. The Iron tower is one giant and powerful artifact. Now one can get near it except the owner and those he invites. When he invites someone it leaves a magical mark on them, that causes the magic of the Iron tower to essentially overlook the marked creature. So Muiral figured out how to change the mark so it became a mark for a different creature and just made marks for all their creatures. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on mindless creatures, so the golems while they can provide support, they can never make it to the tower itself.

So Muiral gave the mark to himself, Trobriand, Dworkin, the Dragons, and our Heroes. Now they are all at the tower with the golems not far behind ready to enter the Iron Tower.



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