The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth

Demons and Dragons

All that remained now was the bottom hatch. Our newly equipped adventurers tried the keys once more, since now the keyholes emitted a soft white light. Sure enough once using the keys that did not open the other doors allowed them to enter the hatch. The hatch led down to thee more doors. The three doors were very different. One was made of a white marble and was unblemished. Another was made from decayed wood and practically on the verge of knocking itself down. While the last was a simple stone door.

The simple stone door was the first to be tried and it led to another trap. The entire room was launched downward. Thinking quickly our heroes teleported out of the room before it had time to crash to the ground. At the bottom among the rubble was another hatch.

They checked on the other two doors as well. The old decayed door looked like an old alchemists lab inside. There were all sorts of alchemical ingredients and spell components of all kinds. Ancient tomes set on the large oaken table. It didn’t take our Wizard long to figure out that this was a room set up for turning into a Lich. While the other room had sacrifices of all kinds and shrines to all sorts of gods. No one knew why this room would be there and they moved on.

The Wizard decided that before moving on though that she would turn herself into a lich. Those who know anything about liches know that they are all evil. Those who really know about liches know about the good liches. They are few and far between, and while there are slight differences in the ritual, the real difference is the intent. Most people that are willing to turn themselves into undead abominations do so out of lust for power or wishes for immortality. Things that are very selfish or evil in nature. Those rare few that perform the ritual for a noble cause, such as an elven wizard who wishes to confront a powerful arch devil to free the denizens of the undermountain from the constant attacks on their sanity. Well those few become good liches.

After this our heroes opened that second hatch. It led down to another dimension. One of the planes of hell.


They left a rope hanging down, their own personal bread crumb if you will so they could find their way back. They were confronted with a group of demons, including our Ranger’s long lost twin. While they were talking the rest of the dragons from upstairs were set loose to descend upon the characters. They were intercepted by the good dragons that the characters had freed. Together the characters and their dragon allies killed the demons and the evil dragons.



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