The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth


At the base of the abyss there stood four doors and a hatch. Our adventurers first tried to press on to the finish line by going ever downward through the hatch. Unfortunately that didn’t work, all their keys failed them, so they went back and tried the doors.

The first door they opened had an inscription in draconic saying “This is the room of arcane power. Use your knowledge and arcane might.” Inside there was a clever puzzle that the characters had to overcome to get back to the treasure, and after much experimentation it was the Barbarian who remembered the most necessary word ROYGBIV. To unlock the pattern of the prism they arranged their colored paths in the order or the prism.

The first room held treasure of arcane power the likes of which the characters had never seen before. Including robes, wands, rings, and more scrolls then most of the characters would know what to do with.

The second door they went to had an inscription in giant saying “This is the room of martial prowess – strike true strike fast, and let your blood run free.” Inside there was a set of test dummies that first assaulted the barbarian, who easily dispatched them, but it wasn’t until he spilled his own blood that he and his fellow adventurers were set upon by wave after wave of frenzying orcs. For over a minute the orcs poured forth and attacked our heroes. Slowly but surely they were whittling down even the most powerful of them. It wasn’t until our caster in the back stepped forward into the room to be attacked and her blood was spilled along side her allies that the hordes recessed.

This room held all manner of treasure for the mighty warrior. It held armor and weapons and shields, but the centerpiece of the entire room was a mysterious sword. Now the characters have come to know nightsong as a powerful ally and weapon.


The third door had an inscription in celestial saying “This is the room of divine inspiration, kneel, pray and be true.” After much hassle everyone made it to the treasure room. A few took the path of no religion or deity and found the final room the easiest, while some had their faith tested as a Balor attacked them ready to smite anyone who dared to raise a hand to it.

The treasure within was of all sort of priestly goodness, containing armor, scrolls, necklaces, and much more for the devout.

The fourth room had an inscription in common saying “This is the room of everything. Be prepared for anything.” Inside there was a series of tests that the characters had to pass. The first time through the characters failed and had to start all over again. The second time through and our Rogue was killed. It wasn’t until the third time through the tests that the characters passed and made it through to the final treasure room.

There was a little of everything in here including rods, rings, boots, belts, and much, much, more.

Our heroes took a little while off to rest up and identify their new equipment. They then distributed it among the group and rested again to make sure that they were completely ready for whatever lay ahead.



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