The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth

The Destruction of Dispater

Our heroes entered the Iron tower ready for anything. They marched through the tower killing demons and searching rooms. It wasn’t long before they found the throne room. Dispater was inside with four of his minions.

Dispater looked pleased that they had taken the time to join him. He even thanked them for coming over. He started to explain how they had been played by Halaster all along, but was rudely interrupted by a certain intelligent sword that wanted to kill him.


After the sword and the barbarian who wielded it had finally stopped trying to kill him, he finished his explanation as to how Halaster actually tunneled into the Undermountain looking for the connection between the planes. Sometimes planes intersect and allow people to travel back and forth freely, but the more important part is that you can merge the two planes. So Halaster had been planning on taking over the 2nd level of hell so he could connect it to the prime material plane and use his new found demonic hordes to essentially take over the world. It wasn’t a perfect plan, but he is crazy afterall.

After much debating our heroes decided that it would be best to just slay Dispater dispite the revelations. Muiral was the one who actually split Dispater in two, but the magic of the Irontower kept him alive. Even after his death he managed to kill two of our group (it would have been three if not for a well placed spell that saved our barbarian.) Luckily our cleric had used a bead of summons from his necklace and the Solar was able to bring back our rogue, who then in turn brought back the cleric.

Dispater was eentually slain when the Solar and the Barbarian teleported the pieces of Dispater out of the tower.



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