The Adventurers of Arel'Soreth

The Rebuilding or Arel'Soreth


Arel’Soreth, the town that our heroes hail from, was not able to be salvaged. No one except Halaster himself (and possibly a few others like Elminster) have the knowledge and/or power to move a whole town like Halaster did.

So Trobriand offered his services to rebuild the town. Muiral can imprint more then just combat onto a golem and with Trobriand being s master builder of all kinds they program what is left of the golems (while our heroes were inside the Iron tower most of the army was decimated.) to build a new town where the old one was. Unlike humans, even master craftsman, whose cuts can be off fractions of an inch which can weaken a beam, these golems do not make mistakes. They do just as programmed.

Within a few months the town is rebuilt and better then ever. Hector (for those of you who don’t remember, he’s the mayor) requested that the houses blend with the forest and no wall be built, and his wishes were honored. So the houses are made from the wood of the forest and there are trees growing all throughout the town. Evne our venerable ranger didn’t spot the town until within a hundred paces of it.



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